Tax advisory services for GmbHs

Tax advisory services: For Limited Companies with ambitious plans

Tax advisory services for GmbHs (Private Limited Companies in English): The GmbH is an attractive legal form, preferred by many entrepreneurs, because it protects their private assets. Yet protection come at a price:  a GmbH must meet several requirements, including preparation and submitting of annual financial statements. Therefore it is important to have an experienced and specialized tax advisor, like RBO, for your GmbH that knows how to navigate in the national and international tax landscape and find the most convenient and cost-efficient solutions – so that you can concentrate on the company’s core business.

Tax advisory services for GmbHs: Let’s create liquidity

RBO has been helping and supporting both small and large companies in accounting, corporate strategy preparation and, especially, taxation. GmbH, as a legal form, has always been in focus. Based on many years of varied consulting experience, RBO is an ideal tax advisory service provider for GmbHs, with valuable tips and advice on how to save taxes through clever financial planning and accounting. The proper steps, once taken, immediately improve the liquidy situation of the company. RBO, acting as your tax advisor, can bring your GmbH a decisive advantage in the market.

Expert advice for foreign companies


The tax consulting clients of RBO include GmbHs from Germany as well as companies from EU Member States and non-European countries.

Thanks to its extensive expertise in international tax law, RBO is a truly valuable partner for GmbHs that operate in several countries and have foreign partner companies. Also, many foreign companies that wish to enter new markets in Germany, can rely on expert tips and advice from RBO. Besides taxation, RBO provides advice in many areas including social security and immigration law and, upon request, manages all registration and control procedures. Of course, RBO can also represent you before tax authorities (and other agencies) and courts.

Tax advisory services for GmbHs: Support in all tax-related questions

GmbH owners and managers can always count on RBO in all corporate matters, including, but not limited to,company registration, transformation, preparation of and advice on annual financial statements and tax returns, financing and other questions. Even when a tax audit is pending, RBO helps your GmbH or your foreign company with tax advisory services. Of course, all processes at RBO are digitized, so that you can reach and work with your tax advisor from abroad at any time.

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