Start up your business

Start Up your Business

Services for start-ups 

RBO GmbH is the quickest way to get your company on the fast track in Germany.



  1. Document management
    1.1. Requesting necessary documents in advance
    1.2. Forwarding required documents, signed forms and contracts 
  1. Managing your relationships with regulators
    2.1. Registration and reporting of managing directors in accordance with Section 13 of the MG
    2.2. Business registration in accordance with Section 14 of the Commercial Code
    2.3. Registration in company register 
  1. Registration at chambers and institutions (both mandatory and voluntary)
    3.1. Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and Chamber of Handicrafts (HWK) membership registration and management
    3.2. Credit institution management 

4. Business appearance and image management (digital form) – optional
4.1. Preparation of business documents (letterhead, presentations)
4.2. Website preparation (brief description; 6 or more websites)

Start up! Get involved!



  1. Time and cost savings
    Have your new company up and running within one day at calculable costs
  2. Convenience
    One-stop shop – covering all start-up related services 
  3. Competence and service
    Use our specialized business partner network


Standard / additional services

  1. Standard services 

1.1. Renting a shared office
We rent shared office space, i.e. you share the rented office with our other clients.
The package includes six hours of office use per month. Our offices are partly furnished, and, if requested, equipped with telephone and internet access. 

1.2. Document management (incoming mail)
We pick up, open, scan and forward to you your incoming mail if so requested.

  1. Additional services 

2.1. Telephone service
You can have your own telephone number, with all incoming calls redirected to another telephone number of your choice. 

2.2. Meeting room use
Subject to advance booking, you can use our meeting rooms on an hourly or daily basis for your meetings, presentations or training courses. 

2.3. Secretarial service
Upon request, our team takes care of your office-related administrative and organizational duties.


You can register your company headquarters in accordance with Section 42.2 of the Commercial Code and Section 4a of the Companies Act at one of our representative business addresses.

Consulting & situation analysis

Make it in Germany!
Hidden treasures and opportunities. Key areas and elements of your business that might be a problem in the German market.

Target analysis & planning

Your customized Master Plan
You have your goals and targets set for the German market - all you need is to take steps and measures that are truly necessary and expedient.

Methods & implementation

Your starting point in Germany
We determine the methods that fit your goals and plan their implementation. .

Consulting & support

Focused on staying on track
To help you always stay on track, we support you with professional advice in every situation.