Rent a business address

Virtual business address to help your company’s positioning strategy

Rent a business address: A first-class business address improves your company’s image. That is also true if you wish to operate your foreign company in Germany. A first-class business address inspires trust and is convincing for business partners and customers.


Renting a business address has many benefits

The importance of a high-quality business address should not be underestimated.  A good company address ensures prestige and creates trust with customers, business partners and investors. A recognized location in an important city helps strengthen your brand image. Your business address appears on your business cards, in your company letterhead and your homepage. And, to benefit from the perks of a great location, you do not actually need to be there physically. You can simply rent a business address, which may be a good choice, particularly for foreign companies as a company cannot be registered without a business address. The very first thing any government agency, including tax authorities, is going to ask you for is your business address in Germany.

Your virtual business address!


Virtual business address requirements

German laws set out certain requirements for business addresses. Requirements apply to both local and foreign companies wishing to operate in Germany and rent a business address.


The most important requirement is that the business address must guarantee reliable and fast communication. Even when using a virtual business address, it needs to be ensured that all notices and communication are actually delivered to the company. Therefore it is not enough to simply rent a mailbox somewhere.


From a legal point of view, it is legal to have a business address in a virtual office, also for foreign companies. But it must be an “address for service” as defined in relevant laws. The company must actually be reachable by mail under that address, as notices delivered at that address are binding on the recipient. A rented business address, which includes postal services, does meet this requirement.

Laws and regulations that require companies to have a business address

A business address is legally required pursuant to several regulations applicable to foreign companies in Germany:

  • Commercial Code
  • Code of Trade and Commerce, to register the business
  • Tax laws, for the correct payment of relevant taxes
  • Telemedia Act, with regard to “imprint obligation”


Affordable business address rental

Local and foreign companies can rent a  business address  at affordable prices. There are many service providers, and it is recommended to compare prices. However, price should not be the only factor when choosing a business address provider in Germany. The scope of services offered is also an important factor. There are service providers that store letters and parcels, forward or scan incoming mail. Taking phone calls, receiving or forwarding client inquiries may also be possible through a virtual office. Prices vary according to the scope of services offered.


Check out the following before signing the contract

Before you rent a business address, you should check some key points, including:

  • The virtual business address should be a reputable and attractive location.
  • The service package should be tailored to the specific needs of your company.
  • The type and scope of postal services are important.
  • You should be able to select or cancel additional services.

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