External accounting provider

External accounting provider

Use just one external accounting provider to prepare your books and statements professionally

The increasingly tough international competition forces companies to focus more than ever on market analysis.

Emerging companies are forced to continuously streamline and refine their processes to improve the quality of their products and services. Depending on jurisdiction and region, accounting requirements and tax legislation may have a great impact on the company’s accounting expenses. And, failure of small and medium-sized enterprises to comply with accounting standards and requirements, may result in additional costs and heavy fines. That is why more and more companies are inclined to outsource their accounting to specialized third party providers.

Business owners are likely to find that outsourcing reduces risks and costs, increases efficiency and offers deeper insight into the financial health and opportunities in their business.

Outsourcing accounting responsibilities


There are a number of reasons for business owners to consider outsourcing accounting responsibilities

Most companies find it difficult to expand their business or start a new business in a foreign country. In-depth knowledge of local laws and regulatory framework is essential for the success of any business.

Advice and support from qualified professionals who fully understand local regulations and provide external accounting services may help shed light on some important issues, and avoid unnecessary costs and expenses. By using the services of external accounting providers, companies do not need to hire accounting specialists and cover the costs of additional office space. And, company management can have a competent and reliable partner in the form of an external accounting provider. Use of sophisticated accounting software and digitization techniques ensures professional recording and evaluation of key performance data. In addition, the accounting service providers also keep an eye on important deadlines for compliance. Most importantly, business owners often find that outsourcing allows them to focus their skills, time and talent directly on what they do best – growing their business.

Accounting for SMEs – special expertise required

Operating an in-house accounting department can be very expensive for small businesses, and using an external accounting provider can be a more cost-efficient option.

Constantly changing and complex laws, social security and tax regulations require professional knowledge and expertise in various areas. That makes external accounting services significantly less expensive, compared to the costs of running an in-house accounting department. Most small business owners lack necessary accounting skills. Accountants must regularly participate in trainings to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date. An external accounting provider can be a great help and support for business owners in many areas. In addition, taxation and accounting related liability cases can also be avoided by using professional external accounting providers. Accounting in small business settings is relatively expensive and technology intensive. Social contributions and payroll also require specialist knowledge. Many small business owners therefore prefer to outsource payroll accounting. The costs and expenses of external accounting services can be eventually deducted from taxes.


Cost of external accounting services – affordable and effective

Targeted especially at foreign companies, our professional accounting and advisory services cover all relevant accounting, tax, legal and strategic business areas.

With over 21 years of experience, RBO is your best choice when looking for a reliable and professional partner in external accounting. We are also specialized in external payroll accounting. We would be happy to present you a comprehensive strategy, with customized solutions tailored to your company. Our goal is to provide you with professional external accounting services for your competitive and successful business operation.

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