We offer you a secure job, tailored training, challenging and varied tasks, and attractive terms.

Individual development and continuous learning are in focus. Flexible working hours ensure an adequate work/life balance, as we believe that work should be in harmony with professional and private life.

Regular training and development are, of course, part of the package, along with a competitive salary including attractive perks and benefits, individually agreed after the probationary period.

We want you to feel comfortable in your new job and offer you the possibility for personal and professional development right from the start.

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Your RBO team

Consulting & situation analysis

Make it in Germany!
Hidden treasures and opportunities. Key areas and elements of your business that might be a problem in the German market.

Target analysis & planning

Your customized Master Plan
You have your goals and targets set for the German market - all you need is to take steps and measures that are truly necessary and expedient.

Methods & implementation

Your starting point in Germany
We determine the methods that fit your goals and plan their implementation. .

Consulting & support

Focused on staying on track
To help you always stay on track, we support you with professional advice in every situation.