Accounting office

Accounting office

Operating a modern accounting office is more and more demanding

Continuous changes in accounting regulations and increasingly complex requirements for software and human resources, make many companies opt for outsourced accounting services.

Laws and regulations covering various different business areas must be observed when managing the accounting tasks at a company, and expertise in various areas is a must. Foreign companies, not yet familiar with local regulations, registration obligations and other procedures, can particularly benefit from dedicated accounting services. Outsourced payroll accounting is a reasonable option for foreign companies, because social contributions of foreign employees must be calculated differently. International taxes must be based on accurate and complete accounting documents. The operation of entire corporations must be consolidated, with tax returns prepared on a consolidated basis. Today’s accounting offices need modern digital infrastructure and continuous training and development to competently perform their tasks. Outsourced accounting offers many benefits also to larger companies.

Outsourcing has various advantages and makes life easier for the entire company management. In international competition, companies must constantly realign and reorient their processes. Outsourced accounting spares precious time and resources, and enables companies to focus on their core activities and operate more efficiently.

a new type of expertise


A digital accounting office requires a new type of expertise

In today’s digitalized world, accounting documents are mostly recorded and processed via increasingly complex IT solutions.

Subledger accounts are used for payroll, and documents are submitted and settled digitally with local social insurance funds, in compliance with the relevant laws. The operation of the entire accounting office is digitized, using cutting-edge software solutions. This setup also requires properly qualified and skilled experts who can handle the new technology. Continuous training and development for employees is essential. Operating as stand-alone departments, accounting offices have high fixed costs. In addition, company management is often overwhelmed with ‘extra’ accounting tasks due to lack of properly skilled and qualified personnel. Statistics have to be properly evaluated and understood in order to be able to make informed and effective decisions. Outsourced payroll accounting makes life easier for company management, and often results in significant cost savings.

Outsourced accounting competence and simplicity

Why should company management make their own life unnecessarily difficult when experienced specialists are ready to take the burden of accounting off their shoulders?

Outsourcing the tasks of the accounting department can be the optimal solution for cost-efficient operation. This way, both domestic and foreign companies can focus on their core business. More time and resources can be dedicated to core business processes (i.e. manufacturing) and success-oriented operation. There is no need to hire accounting specialists,  and high fixed costs and expenses related to office rental and personnel can be saved.  Costs and expenses related to the accounting service are deductible from taxes. Outsourcing your accounting also has the great advantage of always having an expert at your side who understands the local laws and bureaucratic processes.


Outsourced payroll accounting – for your efficient and successful business

Specialized in foreign companies, RBO is your ideal competent, reliable and expert partner to take over all tasks of your accounting department.

Let us evaluate your opportunities and risks. With 21 years of experience, we can be a great help for you with excellent services, including dealing with German authorities. RBO is your trustworthy partner in services related to accounting, taxes, social security and legal compliance. As one of the few providers that are truly specialized in legal matters related to foreign companies, RBO can effectively manage all accounting tasks and processes of your company. So your best move is to contact RBO at at an early stage, and benefit from our services for better business opportunities.

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